How to find

the correct bra size

How to measure your cup size

Measure around the fullest part of your bust (position ‘a’). For centimeters, the difference between ‘a’ and ‘b’ determines your cup size. For inches, the difference between the full bust measurement and the bra size indicates the cup size.

See chart.

How to measure your chest band size

Measure directly under your bust (position ‘b’). For centimeters, round up to the nearest bra size.

For inches, add four inches onto an even number and five inches onto an odd number to give your bra size.

Fitting your bra

As mentioned under what makes the perfect nursing bra, we have established that your breasts will change in size and that flexibility and support result in comfort, and never before has comfort, for tender and fuller breast been more important!

Here are some pointers on how fit your bra:

  • Open the hook and eye on the back of the bra and loosen the shoulder straps
  • Place your arms through the shoulder straps, lean forward and position the chest band underneath your breasts
  • Fasten the back of the bra ensuring that the hook and eye is low and level with your shoulder Fasten on the first hook and eye (you have a free bra extender for growth)
  • Place the shoulder straps over your shoulders
  • Bring all your breast tissue into the cup by leaning forward and allowing gravity to pull the breast tissue into your cup; this also ensures that the tighter chest band is in the right place; shake your breasts a little.
  • Adjust the shoulder straps & stretch your arms up above your head; bend slightly forward, straighten up; how does it feel & look?

How to see if the bra has the right fit?

  • Make sure all your breast tissue is in the cups
  • Make sure no breast tissue is “bulging” under the arms or below the chest band
    The ideal height of the breast, from a side on view, is halfway up your upper arm
  • If the chest width is okay there will be no marks on your skin and you should be able to fit two flat fingers under the band; otherwise it’s too tight
  • If the chest band rides up between your shoulder blades, you need a smaller size.

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