Carriwell – Our Commitment and our mission

Responsibility – Our Earth, Our Mission

Our responsibility reaches beyond the realm of motherhood; it encompasses our planet as well. We are dedicated to increasing the availability of products crafted from sustainable materials that proudly bear the GRS label. All of our products proudly display the OEKO-TEX label, and our commitment to using organic cotton for our cotton products is unwavering. We persistently refine our packaging to minimize our ecological footprint.

Witness Our Commitment in Action

At Carriwell, our commitment to sustainability transcends mere words and symbols. Each logo featured on our clothing serves as a tangible expression of our unwavering dedication to quality, comfort, and responsibility. Join us as we delve into the profound significance of each emblem, not just for you, but for our shared future.

Organic Cotton: Harmony in Natural Beauty and Practice

The Organic Cotton emblem stands as a testament to our unwavering dedication to providing you with a natural and healthful experience throughout your journey of motherhood. Opting for organic cotton, cultivated without harmful chemicals, ensures a gentle and cozy sensation against your skin. This logo encapsulates not only comfort but also a proactive effort to mitigate the risk of allergic reactions and skin irritations. It simultaneously represents our deep-seated aspiration to curtail our ecological impact through support for sustainable agricultural practices.

GRS: Revitalizing Resources, Resounding Global Influence

The GRS symbolizes our commitment to global accountability and our ongoing endeavor to forge a more sustainable future. Through the integration of recycled materials into our clothing, we actively contribute to diminishing resource consumption while combating the menace of textile waste and remnants. This logo is more than a mere insignia – it serves as a reminder that our choices possess the power to wield a positive impact upon the environment and the generations to come. It offers you an opportunity to participate in a broader sustainability movement without sacrificing style or comfort.

FSC on Packaging
Guardians of Responsible Forestry, Champions of Nature’s Preservation

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) logo featured on our packaging signifies our profound commitment to safeguarding forests and preserving their innate splendor. To you, a wearer of Carriwell products, this emblem conveys more than a superficial marker; it signifies our dedication to enhancing not only your well-being and that of your little one, but also to safeguarding the vital ecosystems essential for the health of our planet and posterity.

Oeko-Tex: A Vow of Safety for You and Your Precious One

The OEKO-TEX logo stands as an unequivocal guarantee that our clothing is devoid of hazardous chemicals and substances that might jeopardize your well-being and that of your cherished baby. This emblem epitomizes our unyielding resolve to furnish you with products that impart serenity and self-assuredness in your daily role as a mother. It stands as a testament to our unceasing efforts to shield your health and that of your baby.

Made with Recycled Materials: Breathed New Life into Resources

When you wear our “Made with Recycled Materials” products, you carry more than just fashion – you carry a message of responsibility and positive change. By utilizing recycled materials, we create a new life cycle for resources and contribute to reducing the burden on our environment. This logo symbolizes your decision to be part of a movement toward a more sustainable world and to leave a better planet for future generations.

Modal: Comfort and Sustainability in Perfect Harmony

As modal makes its entrance, it unites luxury and sustainability in perfect concord. The Modal emblem encapsulates more than just a textile; it encapsulates a holistic approach to dressing women in the gentlest fabric, all while upholding our commitment to the preservation of our planet. Modal surpasses the realms of a soft fiber – it serves as a manifestation of our resolute dedication to devising innovative solutions that honor nature while delivering an unparalleled sense of well-being. Opting for modal entails more than just selecting comfort; it entails actively participating in our unrelenting pursuit of a more conscientious and sustainable future.

When you embrace our modal-based attire, you do not merely experience the embrace of softness against your skin; you forge a deeper connection with a future where sustainability and personal well-being harmonize. The opulent sensation of modal engenders instances of pure self-indulgence and self-care amidst the bustling cadence of motherhood. This emblem signifies more than a material; it signifies an outlook and a pledge to conscientiously choose for your well-being and the future of our planet.

Each logo on our clothing tells a story of our commitment to quality, comfort, and responsibility. Through these logos, we express our desire to provide women with a strong and meaningful motherhood experience while committing to steps toward a more sustainable and caring world for us all.