The story of


Carriwell’s story

The story of Carriwell is that we are a Scandinavian based company that has been designing, developing & improving, our comfortable and supportive underwear for both expectant and nursing mums since 1996.

Our philosophy is to work together with experts such as midwives, lactation consultants, designers and textile engineers to create the most functional nursing bras and the most supportive maternity belts available.

With over a million of the World’s Greatest Mums having experienced the comfort of Carriwell Nursing Bras or Maternity support belt we proudly feel we are meeting our goal every day.

Our Heart and Soul

At the heart of Carriwell lies an invitation to step into a world where motherhood is more than just a phase in life; it is a transformative journey deserving the best. Welcome to an experience that extends beyond ordinary nursing wear, for at Carriwell, we are more than just a name – we are your reliable support on this remarkable journey through motherhood. With our strong commitment, we create an individual experience that not only dresses you but also empowers and supports you in every step of this precious journey.

Comfort, Functionality, and Meaningful Support

At Carriwell, we believe that the core of our products rests on three indispensable values: comfort, functionality, and support. It’s not just clothing we offer – it’s an experience of well-being and support that accompanies you from pregnancy to nursing. By adding comfort and support to every phase of motherhood, we provide you not only with convenience but also the freedom to immerse yourself in being a devoted mother and an independent woman.

From Denmark to the World
The Sustainable Scandinavian Imprint

Our Danish roots are deeply ingrained in our identity, but our vision extends beyond the borders of our country. Carriwell is not just a Danish brand. It is an offshoot of the Scandinavian values with a focus on excellent functionality, affordable pricing, and sustainable simplicity. Our designs are not just expressions of fashion – they are a tribute to timeless quality that withstands trends and maintains its relevance no matter where you are in the world.

Innovation at Its Best
The Carri-Gel Revolution

At Carriwell, we believe that innovation is at the heart of progress. Our groundbreaking Carri-Gel technology reaffirms this belief and is a result of our commitment to innovation. By replacing rigid metal underwires in bras with soft gel, we have created more than just a new nursing experience – we have created a natural and comfortable experience that also supports your milk production seamlessly. Our dedication to your well-being is reflected in all our actions, and our products are a living expression of this unwavering dedication.


3005 carriwell seamless original maternity and nursing bra
Organic Maternity Nursing Bra

Decades of Expertise
Together From 1996 and Into the Future

Our journey began in 1996, when we embarked on a partnership with women like you. Over the years, our experience and insight have shaped the development of the products we proudly have in our range today. This journey has been shared with thousands of mothers around the world, and our products are crafted with consideration for the needs of comfort, functionality, and support at every step of the journey.

We understand that the journey is not just about clothing but about feeling empowered, supported, and loved in every moment. With our tailored designs and sustainable approach, we aim to offer you the opportunity to embrace motherhood with comfort, confidence, and unconditional love.

From Modest Beginnings
From Hand-Rolled Hospital Panties to an Established Global Presence

Our inspiring journey started in humble surroundings, where hospital panties were rolled alongside close family members and friends. This modest beginning evolved into our commitment to create something unique and deeply meaningful for mothers worldwide. Today, with pride and joy, we have evolved into a recognized global player in pregnancy and nursing wear, with our headquarters located at Virkelyst 10, 7400 Herning.

Family-Like Growth, Both Personal and Professional, Spanning Continents

Virkelyst 10 is not just a physical address; it is the heart of our company. It is where our dedicated team, spread across multiple continents, works closely together as an extended family. Our journey of growth has not only involved an expansion in size but also in heart and vision. From our humble beginnings, we have managed to maintain the family atmosphere and camaraderie that laid the foundation for our work. We are more than just colleagues – we are a global family of creative minds, sharing dreams and goals, and together creating clothing and products that make a positive difference in mothers’ lives across cultures and borders.

Our Future: Continued Growth, Global Community, and Unity

Our story is a living testament to how even the smallest dreams and ambitions can flourish into something meaningful and life-changing that transcends national boundaries. With Virkelyst 10 as our steadfast foundation and our worldwide team as the driving force, our journey is far from complete. We look forward to continued growth as a global work family and as a brand that enhances the journey of motherhood with comfort, support, and love across continents.

Welcome to our global home, our international heart, our Carriwell. Together, we create stories of strength, unity, and beautiful motherhood – across nations, cultures, and corners of the world.