Washable 2x Maternity & Hospital Panties

This hospital panty has been made with seamless technology so it has the stretch and memory to be comfortable during both pregnancy and post birth. The super soft yarn is gentle against the skin while still retaining the ability to hold a hospital pad in place. This light panty can be used in the final months of your pregnancy without putting any pressure on your belly.

Can be used pre & post delivery

Holds a sanitary pad in place

High waist band – for C-section

One size fits most

Introducing the Carriwell Maternity and hospital panties, a versatile and essential garment designed to provide seamless comfort during both pregnancy and post-birth. This panty offers the perfect blend of stretch and memory, ensuring a comfortable fit throughout your journey. Made from super soft yarn, it is gentle against your skin while maintaining the ability to securely hold a hospital pad in place.

Designed with your utmost comfort in mind, this light panty can be worn during the final months of pregnancy without adding any pressure to your belly. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to super soft seamless comfort when you need it most.

The Carriwell Maternity and hospital panties is a flexible option that caters to various stages of motherhood. Whether you're in need of extra support during pregnancy, preparing for your hospital stay, or recovering post-birth, this panty has got you covered. It's a must-have addition to your hospital bag, ensuring you're ready for anything that comes your way.

When your regular panties no longer provide the comfort you need, the Carriwell Maternity and hospital panties becomes an essential part of your maternity wardrobe. Its seamless construction eliminates any discomfort caused by seams or tags, allowing you to focus on what matters most – the well-being of you and your baby.

Rest easy knowing that the Carriwell Hospital Panty is designed to securely hold post-birth pads in place. You can move freely and confidently, knowing that you're protected against leaks and accidents. With this panty, you can focus on your recovery and bonding with your little one without any worries.

Practicality meets convenience with the Carriwell Hospital Panty. It is washable and can withstand regular washing at 60 degrees, ensuring long-lasting freshness and hygiene, and will be ready to support you throughout your motherhood journey time and time again.

Choose the Carriwell Hospital Panty for its seamless comfort, flexibility, and secure design. Experience the luxury of super soft yarn against your skin while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with reliable support. Invest in this essential piece of maternity wear and embrace the comfort you deserve during pregnancy and beyond.

Also available in white here

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One Size


97% Polyester, 3% Elastane

12 reviews for Washable 2x Maternity & Hospital Panties

  1. Danish

    Anbreen K.

    Dejligt materiale. Utrolig behagelig og bekvemmeligt.

  2. Danish

    Kristina H.

    Bløde og stramme. Pæne, de ligner boksershorts. Bløde og behagelige, holder bind godt på plads.

  3. Danish

    Kristina V.

    Dejligt med sorte hospitals trusser. Synes desværre de ruller lidt op i benene hvilket er meget tydeligt når man har tøj udover. Men dejligt de kan rumme de forskellige bind og bruger dem nu kun om natten

  4. Danish

    Trine H.

    Dejlig bløde at have på, selv når maven vokser 😊 Klar anbefaling herfra 👏

  5. Danish


    Fantastiske dejlige trusser som ikke strammer.

  6. Danish

    Sandra J.

    Fine hospitalstrusser. Har brugt de rigtig meget efter fødsel – de er lækre og helt ok kvalitet.

  7. Danish

    Annette M.

    Hospitalstrusser. God komfort og materiale.

  8. Danish

    Gyrit A.

    Endnu et must have! Ikke bare til efter fødslen – de er også rare sidst i graviditeten. God kvalitet, også efter mange vaske.
    Holder godt på det der skal holdes på.

  9. Danish

    Signe E.

    Trusserne er lige så behagelige og stretchy som jeg forestillede mig! De er så gode 😍👍

  10. Danish

    Rikke E.

    De er super behagelige og ha på, men nu bruger jeg dem under min graviditet, for synes ikke jeg kan have alm trusser på. Jeg bruger trusseindlæg, og de vil ikke gerne sidde fast trussen, det kunne ellers ha været rart🙈

  11. Danish

    Sally S.

    Fantastisk komfort! Super lækre og behagelige at have på. Tænkte først at det måske ikke var det mest nødvændige køb, men er så glad for jeg endte med at give dem en chance. Har brugt dem fra fødselen og hele forløbet efterfølgende til jeg var ovenpå igen.

  12. Danish

    Nadja J.

    De er guldværd! Jeg hoppet i dem en dag efter min fødsel, for at slippe for de tavlige netbukser man få på hospitalet. De holder godt på de store bind og så de virkelig behaglige at havde på og så føgler man sig lidt mere lækker i dem og så kan de vaskes i vaskemaskine 👍

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Hello! The truth is that the sets have been a lifesaver. Apart from being beautiful, they are super comfortable, and the belly belt helps a lot to rest the belly. I’m looking forward to giving birth to try the nursing shirt. Oh, and I had never tried such comfortable bras before; it’s like not wearing anything. I’m delighted. I highly recommend them!

Alba Martin, @ALBASPRINTER, Spain

I am absolutely satisfied with your products! They take breastfeeding to the next level!! I am only wearing your nursing bras. The only thing I would have to mention is that sometimes I would love them to give a little more support. But since they are wireless, I think that is kind of impossible. Also, the nursing top and your pregnancy leggings are amazing. I am still wearing the leggings because they support my belly and give it a nice feeling after I had the C-section. Overall I would absolutely rate you a 5. You are the best!

Liv Herrmann, @LIVUPYOURLIFE, Germany

I highly recommend Carriwell products, both during pregnancy and postpartum. The arrival of a baby is a significant change, so having good, beautiful, and comfortable products to feel good is essential and pleasant. I am thrilled, especially with the nursing bras, which are truly lovely and incredibly practical!

Clair, @CLAUREVID__, France