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Carriwell Gel-Support BH med padded indlæg


Our patented and exclusive award-winning innovation, Carri-Gel, is changing its name to Gel-Support.

And why is that, you may ask. It’s simply because the previous brand name is inaccurate – as you may know, there is no hard, restrictive wire inside these bras; only a soft, flexible, and uniquely supportive gel – hence Gel-Support.

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Hello! The truth is that the sets have been a lifesaver. Apart from being beautiful, they are super comfortable, and the belly belt helps a lot to rest the belly. I’m looking forward to giving birth to try the nursing shirt. Oh, and I had never tried such comfortable bras before; it’s like not wearing anything. I’m delighted. I highly recommend them!

Alba Martin, @ALBASPRINTER, Spain

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I am absolutely satisfied with your products! They take breastfeeding to the next level!! I am only wearing your nursing bras. The only thing I would have to mention is that sometimes I would love them to give a little more support. But since they are wireless, I think that is kind of impossible. Also, the nursing top and your pregnancy leggings are amazing. I am still wearing the leggings because they support my belly and give it a nice feeling after I had the C-section. Overall I would absolutely rate you a 5. You are the best!

Liv Herrmann, @LIVUPYOURLIFE, Germany

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I highly recommend Carriwell products, both during pregnancy and postpartum. The arrival of a baby is a significant change, so having good, beautiful, and comfortable products to feel good is essential and pleasant. I am thrilled, especially with the nursing bras, which are truly lovely and incredibly practical!

Clair, @CLAUREVID__, France